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National Examinations Board

About UsIn the context of the implementation of Education Act (8th Amendment) 2073, National Examinations Board has already been in function being transformed from the existing Higher Secondary Education Board. Among the responsibilities being accomplished by existing Higher Secondary Education Board, as per the new management, school affiliation approval, scholarship program and school operation procedures are now managed by local bodies and the tasks related to curriculum construction, development and determination of equivalence are now performed by Curriculum Development Centre. The examination related tasks of Grade 10 (Secondary Education Examinations (SEE)) and class 11 and 12 (School Leaving Certificate Examination (SLCE)) have now been affiliated to the jurisdiction of National Examinations Board as integrated components. At the same time, the examinations of class 10 will be brought into operation in the regional/provincial level. Established for school education examinations operation, management and promotion, as per the provisions mentioned in the Education Act, the major task of the National Examinations Board will be centralized in the development and advancement of examination methods. National Examinations Board has been defined in the Education Act as an autonomous and organized institution with uninterrupted succession. The Board has a separate seal for its own work implementation purpose. All the responsibilities, which were operated by the Examination Controller’s office of Higher Secondary Education Board, are now being operated by National Examinations Board. All the fixed and liquid assets of the Higher Secondary Education Board have now been transferred to the National Examinations Board. ... Read More